Temp droppd to 98.5 on day 16

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by lilly, Mar 26, 2009.

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    The temp has been running at 99.5 up until day 16 now it has dropped to 98.5 and will not go up. I have a sportsman and the heating waffer is probably failing. It has been staying steady at 98.5 with only four days to go now, do you think they will be ok? I will place eggs in paper cartons tomorrow and increase humidity to around 60 to 65. These are cockoo marans, I have wanted them for years, I hope they hatch.Of course my husband can hatch hundreds of quail and pheaseant using this incubator, figures I would be the one with the problem. i only have ten eggs they are all kicking though.

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    That's probably an okay temp. I let mine hover at 99 at hatch with no problems. If it goes and tries to stay lower put a heating pad under the sucker. If you can increase thermal mass in the bator with a jar of water sealed tightly it helps maintain temps upward slightly.

    Even placing hot water bottles against the sides can help some. It should be fine. Think calm and practical. You're almost there. Good luck. Of course it's always the MOST expensive eggs you've ever had when everything goes south. It's a RULE.

    Hugs [​IMG]
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    no biggie. My temp dropped for a few days because my daughter jostled the thermostat.

    **They did have to 'cook' longer thought.

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