temp fluxuation and hatch questions!!!!!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by juliachick, May 3, 2009.

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    Mar 18, 2009
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    I have had two temp spikes up to 102 over the past two days...I don't know what is wrong w/the incubator...it's an LG. It also dipped down to 98.5 a few times. I think I've caught it relatively quickly each time but am worried. Do you think I may have lost the chicks. I am not very good w/candling so that probably won't tell me anything. My room is draft free and no sun coming in right now while incubating.

    ANYONE ELSE HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH A WILD HATCHER???? I posted this below question yesterday but didn't get any answeres...I just don't want to have the same thing happen again...

    Ok I have 7 jersey giant eggs due to hatch around next Sat. My first and last batch had 3 of 6 eggs hatch. The first egg to hatch was a wild woman and had all the other eggs rolling all over the place. One of the eggs that didn't hatch was fully done and had started to absorb the yolk so I think the rolling all over the place did it in. Do you think I should put these eggs in a carton for the hatch or is if I get another wild one should I take it out right away even if not dry and just keep it very warm???? NEed advice!!!!!!!!
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    102 shouldn't have been a problem at all. Still airs are often set at 102 constantly.
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    Quote:102 is fine for a LG still air, 98 was a tad low but they should be fine (the most harm done is they could hatch a tad late b/c the temp was a tad low) !! In a still air the temp should be 101ish to 102ish !!! There is nothing wrong with the bator, the temp change is just how the LG's are (they don't always hold temp well) if you want the temp to hold better you need to add a fan !!! Try to keep the room your bator is in at the same temp, that will help the bator stay the same temp !!! Now about the "wild chick" All chicks do that, they roll, move, jump, lay on the eggs. This is normal chick behavior and there is nothing you can do about it !! DO NOT OPEN THE BATOR TO TAKE CHICKS OUT !! doing that can cause the other un hatched chicks to die ( I cant stress that enough ) if you think about it when a mama hen hatches babies under her I'm sure the eggs move around under her while hatching and broody's have good hatches, so IMO just leave the "wild" chick in the bator till ALL the eggs hatch (a chick can stay in the bator for up to 48 hours). Hope this helped.... Good luck, hope you have many GREAT hatches !!
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    I gave up because of the temp spiking. I lost more than I hatched. 1 out of 12 is bad. I will try to find a fan, but until then it is turned off and all hatching is over. My last chick I went and bought 2 chicks that are about a week older. They have doubled in size and my lone chick is still small. Eating and doing chick things but just small. The other two stick up for it like they know it is different in some way. Every time I go to change the bedding, I take them all out so I can clean it too. They will go after me and try to baracade me away from the little one. It is eally cute since they will not win anyway.

    It is growing but at a very slow rate. It eats and plays and all that other stuff right long with the other 2 but it just isn't growing right. It is 2 weeks old now and has this little spike coming from its fuzzy butt that is its tail. Before that started to grow out it looked like it was cut off at the back side. It is sooo cute. Its name is midget

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