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    Well recently i decided to hatch some chicken's decided to go with the build your own incubator out of styrofoam trying to keep things simple and more fun. Got everything down even got a dimmer light to try and control the temp inside the cooler so i wont have to poke allot of holes. As much as i tried to keep it at a solid 97F to 100F degrees it spike for about 20 to 40 minutes to 104F degrees i got really scared candle all of them and they look OK I saw the little black spot with the vanes running out but i would really like to know the input from anyone thank's
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    Hi &[​IMG] Congrats on taking the plunge in building your own incubator. Keep a close watch on the temperature because spikes over 103 degree for any length of time can damage or kill the developing chicks. That said you are probably fine so far because what you are reading is the external temperature, not the internal egg temperature. Did you calibrate you thermometer and hygrometer before you started you eggs? If not, you may want to get a couple more that you can calibrate and add to your incubator so, you know if your first ones are giving you accurate readings. You can type in "How to Calibrate a thermometer" and "How to calibrate a hygrometer" in the Search Nav and get the how to. Good Luck and I hope your hatch goes well !
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