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    I have a Genesis 1588 on it's second hatch. Both times I ran the incubator for several days and seems to get up to 99.5, but when I put eggs in it seems to drop. The first hatch it dropped and finally warmed up after a few hours, but so far on this hatch it hasn't. I wouldn't be concerned, but my thermostat light stopped working completely.

    I just put the eggs in last night. I have the thermometer that came with the incubator as well as 2 different digitals (both are brand new). The thermometer that came with the incubator is reading at what looks like 99 (just below the 100 on the dial) sitting on top of the eggs off to one side of the thermostat. Both digital temps (one has a hygrometer) are reading 97.8 sitting on the wire floor of the incubator next to each other. Should I try to adjust the thermostat? If yes, by how much? UGH! I HATE THIS!!

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