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    Aug 5, 2007
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    I have been testing my bator for 4 days and the temp. and humidity have been fine. So I got my eggs yesterday morning. I let them sit all day and then last night I put them in the bator, along with some of my own eggs from my girls. I knew the temp was gonna go down, but It should have come back up. All night it stayed at 98.8. So this morning I adjusted it, well It went up to 100.4-100.6. The humidity is still fine holding at 50%. I got it back down to 99.7 but it is still going up and down. My question is........

    Where do I need to place the probe to get the most acc. reading. No I do not have a wiggler and I live an hour from the nearest walmart. right now the tester is in between the eggs on the middle rack. Not on the wire rack but the auto turner.( It is right under where all the little gadgets are in the top.)

    my bator is a Hova-Bator and it is circulated air. (fan)

    Someone please help......[​IMG]
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    I have the exact same set up I think. I placed my thermometer in the 2nd egg rack 2 egg holders up. I had 2 thermometers each in the opposite corner. I wouldn't leave your thermometer in the center where the fan is blowing. I didn't even place eggs in the center. Hopefully you can understand my decription. Good luck.
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    I have yet to put my eggs into my incubator and have also been adjusting the settings on mine. (Home built)

    All the information I have gathered has convinced me that temp flucuations are not a threat as long as they average out close to 99.5 and do not vary more than a degree and a half either way.

    I have been using a water wiggler and found that my temps are still varying between 100.5 and 97.8 degrees. I've been told that I should be just fine and that the humidity is where I should direct my attention.

    This is what I have been told.
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    Quote:I only have 4 racks on my turner and each holder holds 7 eggs.(28 total) i have 23 eggs in the bator, so I didn't have much choice but to use the middle rack. Should I place it under the turner on the wire or on a corner some where?
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    Quote:[​IMG] I sure hope so!!

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