temp question with incubator

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11 Years
Mar 17, 2008
New Hampshire
I am using my Rcom 20 for the second time. First for a lone call duck egg which developed until day 26 and then didnt pip. I have my second set of call duck eggs in now (day 6) Temp has been 99.5, I'm keeping humidity at 65% and also spraying the eggs once a day. I have two thermometer/humidity readers in the incubator. They are the kind you buy at wal-mart that show temp and humidity. One says the incubator is 96.8 and humidity isnt registering. That one is old and had been acting funny which is why I purchased the second one. The second one is reading 97.3 and humidity matches the incubator. What should I trust? Is there a better monitor that I should purchase? I increased the incubator temp slightly and have one of the monitors at 98.4. I dont want to change things too much in case the incubator is the accurate one. These eggs are most likely doomed at this point anyway since we lost power twice this week. Not for long periods of time, but 1-3 hours each time. Advice for (I think what is called a hygrometer) what to purchase is greatly appreciated. Thanks:D
I would get a regular glass thermometer and put in there. Don't worry about losing electricity...remember momma duck gets off the eggs for periods of time and the eggs cool off...that is ok.. a lot of incubators say to open the bator up for a while and let the eggs cool slightly. if you kept it closed and it was off for 1-3 hours they should be fine.

good luck

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