Temp range in homemade incubator??

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    We have built an incubator using an old refrigerator and a hot water heater thermostat. The temp range is about 15 degrees or more from shutting off to coming back on. How do you make it come on sooner? Or is that a normal range. The temps went to up about 106 and down to about 91 before coming back on. I know we have to tweak it a little and get the temp to around 99/100 high but how low is safe for it to go? I also have a fan that moves the hot air very well. Is it possible to get to much air movement?
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    I use a hair dryer as a heat element on mine an the more directly you aim the heat at the thermostat the faster it cycles an the closer to the thermostat kick on temperature it stays. Im thinking it would have to kick on at 97.5* an top out at 101*. It has to stay between 95* an 103*.
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    GO to your local restrunt and ask for corks at the bar they will be happy to get rid of them. Then "eyball" where you want the cork sperate them, drill holes and pop them out when it gets too hot
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    Its great to see all the different foks building their own incubators. Something that really seems to be a hang-up for most is finding a workable, reliable thermostat.

    The wafer type thermostat has been in use controlling the temps in incubators and brooders since the use of electricity came on the scene. The wafer itself was used on some kerosene heated incubators even before the electric models were developed.

    Wafer thermostats are readily available from a number of internet sources for around the price of a dozen shipped eggs. McMurray, GQF, Randal Burkey, and others all carry them.

    For a few dollars more a Solid State Thermostat like the one for the Little Giant may be had. Like this one on eBay, Item number: 200255443346.

    I just wanted to share this information so that folks can get their homemade incubators up and running with the least amount of hassle and get on with the fun of hatching.

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