Temperament Inheritance

Mr D

8 Years
Feb 25, 2015
Is temperament inheritance predictable? Example: Breeding an active, flighty Deathlayer with a calm, docile Sussex. Is it completely random? Or is there a formula that can predict which temperament the chicks will inherit?
There is a genetic component, but you can impact behavior by the experiences the individual has. You are what can adjusted more than anything. Some individuals have a default level of flightiness that can be increased or decreased by how you keep them. The plasticity also has genetic limitations. My games are capable of extremes when it comes to flightiness while the American Dominiques are by default calmer and less variable based on how I treat them.
Let us know how they all do! I think you will get a range of behaviors, maybe falling in between the extremes, maybe not.
Helpful, right?
Sometimes I've seen very similar attitudes from one generation to the next, but not in every individual.

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