temperature fluctuating too much?


11 Years
Mar 23, 2008
La Puente, CA
My eggs were set 38 hours ago. My incubator is not holding a steady temp! The first night, it spiked to 106. This morning I checked the thermometer- min temp 95, max 105! i know its still really early, so i'm going to wait a few days to candle and see where i'm going, but any ideas on how to get my temperature to stay stable? I have a Hovabator 1602N. its set up in my bedroom, and the room temperature stays pretty steady in here.

these are trader joe's eggs, so they didn't set me back a whole lot. If they don't make it, its no worry. Mostly this is a test run of my incubator (right now its a big fat FAIL!). My BIL had originally bought the incubator years ago for reptiles, and had pretty good luck with them, but its sat around unused for years, has gotten knocked around a bit, and i'm wondering if its just a lost cause.


9 Years
Sep 12, 2010
West "By God" Monroe, La
That can happen when wafer's (the type of thermostat you have) sit up for a while. Generally they will clear up. I always turn mine on about 48 hours before my set to get the temps right. Make small adjustments... Check your thermometer to make sure it's working properly.

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