Temperature for hatching Indian runner ducks


May 28, 2019
Hi, I'm very new to all this and I'm looking for advice.
I am currently hatching Indian runner duck eggs and one has started pipping.
I have 3more that haven't started yet and I'm worried about the temperature they should be at. My incubator is set for a 2 hour cooling period but I read that when they start hatching it should be at a maintained temp. My machine won't let me reset to turn the cooling off period off.
Help please.
Sorry for the rambling
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Jun 13, 2019
I set my incubator for 37.5 degree Celsius.
(Google Farenheit conversion... I only do Celsius, sorry. 😉 )
I do chicken, and, also duck eggs to hatch.
Chickens are 21 Days to hatch. Turned up to day 18, then left in place for look down.
Ducks are 28 Day to hatch. Turned up to day 25, and, after 10th day (day I candle, )
I lift the lid off my incubator, spray the duck eggs with tap water, leave them in the base unit, with lid off, for 20 minutes...
*** Set a Mobile (CellPhone) reminder to put Incubator back ON ! ***
*** Ducks are waterfowl, that do puddles, ponds, rivers etc. They often leave the nest for quite a while, so 20 mins to 40 mins or so is OK ! Eggs cool from the surface to the centre, so if 'forgotten' or a power cut outage... don't panic. (Think Mummy bird getting distracted in nature.) 🤣

I love my Janoel 12's for manual egg management. [They can auto-turn x6 eggs.] But, I prefer to use lower tray only, and add 12 duck eggs. (I remove top tray and it's black turning frame with bars.)
I turn manually x3 per day, (or on auto turn if your model does this.)
* Some basic models have an auto-turner,
Tip :
I have x2 Janoel 12 Incubators.
(These can come under generic names... but are all "Janoel 12's at heart".
View a photo of a Janoel unit on Amazon, eBay etc... View similar products, and wow watch for the same but cheaper £ or $ or deals on those "other logo" same machines ! eg think one is a McFly etc etc.
Look for the Curved Unit, with Egg Symbol, but see the logos vary. To that of Branded Janoel 12. These >>> are all the same incubator !!!
If you have more than x6 eggs, I use my 2nd Unit, on standby at hatch time, to take the newly hatched out, remove shells etc, re spray a little water, or, dampen a dish sponge, to get humidity to aprrox 45% to 55% or so. ** As eggs hatch, moisture is increased from chick or duckling appearing, so 60% happens naturally !!
Hope this helps. 😊
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