Temperature for storing eggs

Depends on how long they'll be stored.
About 70 is fine if just a few days. If they'll be stored a week or more about 45-50 is better.
The main thing is that the storage temperature shouldn't fluctuate. Ideally they should only go through 2 temperature changes. Once when the egg is laid and then the pre-incubation warm up.
Not to stir the pot but let me stir it anyway. I've done some pretty high numbers of hatching with and without turning stored eggs and have never seen a difference in numbers.
I haven't done it both ways to compare - just because I'm lazy. And for the same reason, sometimes I turn and sometimes I don't.
I just know that commercial operations turn eggs in storage so there must have been some research in that regard.

During storage without turning, the yolk tends to rise to the top extending one chalazae and contracting the other.
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