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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by iread, Feb 3, 2009.

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    Jan 21, 2009
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    I am expecting my chicks to hatch on 2/16. I have the initial brooder ready (a large Guinea pig cage with the sides covered to insulate). I bought a 100wt red heat bulb at Petsmart for reptiles. I turned it on and later checked the temp in the brooder. At the closest setting (lamp directly over cage) I got a reading of 95 degrees. I have read lots on here about the importance of temp however the people at various feed stores told me that chicks are "hardy" and I don't even need a thermometer in there. Am I stressing too much? Will they stay warm enough??? AHHHHHH! I swear that I wasn't this stressed before my two human babies came home from the hospital![​IMG]

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    try to get 95 under the light an colder elsewhere. Then just use the chicks as a thermometer. If they crowd the light there cold an if they stay away from it there hot.
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    I agree with rebel. A thermometer is good to have, but let your chicks be your ultimate guide. Mine never did like the 95 degree setting, even at 3 days old. They much preferred it a little cooler (85 -90).
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    95 should be just fine. I try to locate my light at one end of the brooder this way they can move and find a temp that works for them.

    You will want to ween them from the light, by moving the light up a couple inches every week till they have no light at all. Mine are done with the light at about 5 weeks give or take.

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    Quote:And I agree with both, the chicks will tell you just where to put the heat lamp by the actions of the chicks. Once they hatch make sure they are nice and dry before you put them in the brooder and they will be just fine. No stress....... but doesn't that one look cold? Is that one eating? have I ever seen that one drinking? why is that one chirpping so much? see no stress [​IMG]

    Steve in NC
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    If you take the light away at 5 weeks, are they inside or outside??

    Our power went off and it's been below freezing... we moved our 7 week old chicks inside since they were out in the coop with a light for warmth in a metal dog kennel to keep them safe....

    Now that power is back on and the outside temps are still below freezing, should I put the light back on them??

    They appear to be fully feathered (big little girls)
  7. Akane

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    Mine actually act cold below 100F the first day or 2 but usually before 3 weeks old I have them down to 80 without a problem. Technically no you don't need a thermometer. The chicks work fine as thermometers but you have to know chick behavior and have your brooder setup right. A thermometer is useful your first time until you learn what is normal. How close to the center of the light the chicks are will tell you how cold or warm they are. If they are completely avoiding the light it's way too hot and if they are piling on top of each other in the center it's way too cold. When resting at the proper temp they will lay in a circle around the light with most of them an equal distance from the center.

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    Thanks for the information! I will stop obsessing over temp until they actually get here:rolleyes:

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