Temperature spiked 2 degrees in the night why?


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Apr 11, 2012
turned the eggs last night like normal and added water. Temp was 100. It usually stays 100 but sometimes on cold mornings it is 99. It was 102 this morning. I turned it down and watched it cycle a few time to make sure it was steady.

The one thing I did last night was I turned the lid one turn so it would be safe so no one pulls the plug. I also moved the thermometer to where the window was.

it is a hova-bator turbo fan. I turn eggs manually.

I can not see how turning the lid could affect it since it's forced air so...??? Could it be because their growing making heat? They will be in there a week at 5:00.

I really hope that the spike didn't hurt them. I wentnto bed around 12:30-1:00 and got up 8:30 so they werentnin temps to long, depending when it spiked. These will be my first hatch! ( it's just so amazing that you can look at these eggs and see something growing!!
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Mine does that sometimes. not really sure why. as long as it stops at 101 and then hits 102 for a few seconds it should be ok. more than that I am not sure.
My last hatch was 6 out of 18 of my own eggs and it was doing this during the day from time to time. is it ranging ? 98 to 102 or staying at 101 102.
mine seems to range
Okay since today's was day 7 I candles. I had an 18 pack that was meant for hatching, and I threw in 4 eating eggs that were in the fridge. The lady has a rooster, and I believe 3 of them are forming

5 of the 18 were duds. All RIR/leghorn cross. Those were the ones I was wanting to hatch. I couldn't tell very well on the welsummers, and some darkvbrown eggs so... Out of 22 6 duds.

I have one egg that I had in my homemade bator I was testing and it started forming! I threw it in this bator, so I don't know what will go on with it, so I'm not counting it.

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