Temperature variations in still air incubator

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    I just set 8 Bantam Wyandotte eggs this morning. I have 3 thermometers in the incubator with the eggs. Two glass ones on the bottom and one digital on top of the eggs. The digital has read anywhere between 99.2-100.6 throughout the day, and the glass thermometers on the bottom of the bator have consistantly read 2-4 degrees cooler. My question is, should I leave the temps where they have been running? I don't want to cook the top of the eggs just to make the floor of the bator 99.5*, but will the cooler temp on the floor hurt the eggs just as much? Any advice is welcome! Thanks in advance!
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    Hot air rises. That's why where you measure the temperature in a still air is so important. The correct temperature in a still air is 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit at the top of the eggs.

    Have you calibrated any of your thermometers? Due to manufacturing tolerances, they don't always read as accurately as you wish they would. You might want to look at this.

    Good luck!!!

    Rebel’s Thermometer Calibration

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