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May 26, 2009
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okay i have a made incubator i found the water wiggler what is the highest temperature that it can be and be safe , its reading 100.5 i do have a fan in it and humidity is 45 do i need to come down on temperature its not real easy to regulate,
99.5 is perfect. one degree high could make for a early hatch. two or three days early. what store did you find the water wiggley at
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It would definitely be better if you could bring the temperature down a bit. As was mentioned...too high of temp will cause a shorter incubation period which in turn can (doesn't mean it will, though) result in health problems with the chicks. If you can keep the humidity from dropping too far you might try allowing more ventilation rather than adjusting the thermostat...fresh air is important, too.

Having written the above...you're really not that far off as your are. I believe the actual desired internal egg temperature is stated as being 99.8F. Some folks/manufacturers say to set the forced airs at 99.5F while others say 100F.

But closer to the 99.5/99.8 degree mark that you can get...the better.

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