9 Years
Oct 8, 2010
We have 2 chicks that are 7 wks old. We want to start putting them outside. Last night it got down to 43 degrees here. Is that too cold?
What breed? How well feathered are they? Do you have a coop? Is the roost area free of drafts but ventilated up high? Have you had them outdoors at all during the day?

BTW, this is the wrong forum, goes in managing your flock.
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One is a Golden Comet, the other a RIR. I would say they have a good many feathers. They have been outdoors on 65-70 deg. sunny days. We put them in a dog cage so the hawks don't get them.
When we bring them back in, they are in a large cardboard box filled with wood shavings and hay. They are starting to smell now and we were wondering if 43 degrees is too cold for them to be outside at night.

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