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May 16, 2016
Pittsburgh, PA
Hi everyone! My 8 little chicks aren't so little anymore and are outgrowing the brooder fast. Before we let them in the main coop with the other house we're going to keep them seperate for about 2 weeks. We have a run added on that is separated now and will be opened up to the main run but we need some kind of shelter for them to go in at night during this period. Does anyone have any simple ideas?
I saw that before, is it sturdy enough to keep them safe?

If your run is protected, a bin could work, but I would worry about issues of storms,wind.

Other ideas will be more costly - a large dog crate - the metal type is what I used once for a recovered hen during reintegration. You could build a simple small plywood house/box - there used to be some plans on TSC site or a small Purina type coop?

I have a pricy small coop that I am preparing to use for the same purpose. But my run is totally predator proofed and roofed - and I'll be attaching the little coop to a heavy wood frame.
I made a partly covered grow out pen for mine from thin pallets from the newspaper office and some salvaged aluminum siding, and chicken wire since my llamas defend this pasture and I don't have to worry about predators. Its ugly but the only thing it cost was screws I got at an estate sale.


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That's pretty legit if you ask me. I see people make coops out of particle board and spit lol If it isn't going to collapse in on itself, I'm sure the birds will be just as happy in it as they would be in something pretty :) they can't tell the difference

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