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Apr 8, 2012
Bogota, Col
the incubator is done, well close enough to do a test run. wish me luck. the temperature is fluctuating a bit more than i would like (air temp 95-102ish), but i am using a hot water thermo, and have read that it is a common issue. i might try and drill it out. it depends on how successful the test it.
my 21 days are up, with pretty poor results. i have one chick, and two more that have pipped (although, one of those appears to have given up) out of 25 eggs. after all my worries about the temp, i think humidity is what went wrong. i could not get it to stay above 30%. after reading here, i decided to use a spray bottle a couple times a day. which got it up, but it never stayed above 40% for an hour or so.

i will leave it alone for another day or two........if no more action happens, i will break open some eggs, see what stage the eggs are in.
Hi If I were you, I would try using a tempature controler like this

I tape the probe on top of one of the eggs that I am incubating. That way you are seeing exactly what the temp is.
The nice thing about the temp controler is that you also elimiate using the water heater thermostat and use a more accurate thermostat which is built into the temp controler.
I do use computer fans on mine, So if the temp goes above my set point, I have an additional fan which cools down my eggs to a safe level.
You do have to have some wiring experiance, but if you dont, find a friend who does, or google it. It is pretty straight forward.
PS that is the most original incubator that I have ever seen. Make sure you have enough fresh air comming in from below, and increase your surface area for your humidity.
the jars in the picture are for thermal mass and act as a heat shield. i have a 9 x 11 baking pan in the bottom (filled with sponges). i did take the lids off the jars when i needed to raise the humidity.

i have not give up all hope on the two that have piped. with a little more work, they will be out.
i do have a question about air vents. the tv is far from airtight. end the pan of water are two large vents. most of it is covvered by the pan, but some is still open. is it bad to hve fresh (cold) air coming up under teh eggs? also, could the cold bottom of the pan be hurting my evaporation/humidity?

thank you.

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