Testing eggs for nutritional value??

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    Is there such a place where I can send my eggs to get tested for quality and nutritional value like how much cholesterol it has its protein value and saturated fat levels rather a whole breakdown of the eggs nutritional value ??
  2. Nutridata is one of hundreds of labs that can test your products for your eggs specific nutritional data.
    Their fees are $250-750 per test and for $330 more can add dual certificates for Canada, the EU and more. Their web site is http://www.nutridata.com but a quick Google Search for Nutritional Information Testing will bring up lots of options for you.
    Good luck!
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    Holy chicken lol that is pretty pricy to test some eggs I think I'll just trust what I put in my birds to come out of them lol but thank you for the feedback I tried googling testing eggs and found nothing but will try wording it different thanks again
  6. Yes it is, but when a company wants to start commercially supplying a food product, you can either trust the database information about the "Average" food item tested, such as eggs or you can pay to have your product tested to be very specific. For corporations this specific testing is worth the $ as marketing angles that set your product apart from the competition can really take off- Like EB eggs- They won't make the claim if they didn't have some testing behind that statement, but for a home grower just wanting to know how their feed is affecting their end product, it can feel a bit pricey. you might try the local Colleges or Universities - they might have a nutrition department itching for an interesting project- Especially since you are just looking for one or two specific results.
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    That's a boatload of $$$$$.

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