Texas A&M Quails for Sale $5 each hen.


In the Brooder
Dec 17, 2016
Brooklyn, NY
Not sexed yet: waiting for them to crow

One batch has 6 chicks and they're 6 weeks old

Another batch has 2 chicks and they're 3 weeks old.

They are currently being kept outdoors in Wynola Quail Cages with cover. They have been and are currently being feed organic feed. They are healthy and happy. I will post photos later on. Thinking $5 for each 6 week old hens (once they're sexed) and free for any accompanying rooster.

I have butchered them for meat before, but initially had intentions of keeping these for eggs. I want to give them an opportunity to enjoy live longer than 9 weeks.

Message me if interested. Will post photos later on today.

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