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Dec 25, 2007
Chaparral, New Mexico
Hello there! My Asst. Principal's daughter teaches in Flower Mound, TX and would like to hatch ducks this year. Normally I would send them with her dad but I no longer have any hens and have to hatch some myself. My Runners were all killed except for one drake when my coop was raided.

I was wondering if there was a member in the Flower Mound area that would be willing to donate or sell a few duck eggs to her. This is not her first hatch, she has done it successfully before. If anyone could help out I would appreciate it, please feel free to contact me.
Hope you can find someone
. I'd be happy to help but no ones laying
Would you mind mailing them to her there in Flower Mound? If it's better for you, you could send them to me and I could give them to her dad,, and he'll drive them back. I really appreciate your offer, it would help a fellow out! I really miss my own quackers, I have to fix that!
I'm in Waco, but don't think mine are fertile for this season yet... I have a pair of WH's a crested pekin and a magpie..

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