Thank heavens for HC!

TN Chick Mom

Apr 25, 2022
A neighbor's loose dog completely terrorized my girls today (er, hello? We have leash laws, idiot). Luckily, they were in their run and not free ranging or they would be dead. I don't leave them unattended (b/c hawks) but no way I could have gotten all 5 to safety. It was literally running and jumping into the sides of the run. They were terrified and hiding upstairs in the coop and wouldn't even come out for treats. 😢

My husband joked when I was wrapping my pre-fab coop in 1/2" hardware cloth over the 1" (don't throw shade - he's not the most handy but I love him) that even a Rougaroux couldn't break in. Welp...

I'll take my chickens' lives and that I told ya so today. Do the cloth, people!

(And yes, my overweight self in my coop flip flops ran across 2 lots and up a hill after that dog after chasing it off 3 times and confronted the owner.)
Glad you're babies were okay, too!
I'm not sure. We've never seen it before so it may have been an electric fence issue. It was out all afternoon and once it found the coop it wouldn't stay away. The guy was outside but pretty oblivious and not apologetic at all.

Neighbor on the other side of us has older hens who are out every afternoon unsupervised so it really could have been bad!

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