Thank You Kathyinmo

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Apr 4, 2007
Mansfield, MO
Today KathyinMo and I met at a breeder's home....what an experience! First..getting to meet Kathy!!
She is wonderful. Not only meeting her but she gave me two gorgeous curly feathered cochin pullets. Then I purchased one from this magnificent breeder. His place is awesome. I came home with lots of new ideas for our pens..of course, that means lots more chickens.

Dh just finished building the cochins their new home. We have yet to put in a pop door and outside run but with this weather they will do just fine where they are for now. Today was such a fun day. I am pooped for tonight but will take better pics tomorrow.


The black and lemon colored one is a young rooster that the breeder thought would give me the best curly feathered offspring.

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Awwww, how sweet is that! Curly Sue and Susie Q have a wonderful new home! They are so sweet!

It was such a pleasure to meet Carrie! What a sweetheart! It was a great time. What a fun tour, of a real breeder's facility. I got tons of ideas, too, Carrie!

We have to get together again, Carrie!
Cyn, nothing would have made this day better than to have you with us. It was so much fun and Thom's place is wonderful.

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