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    Dec 19, 2010
    I was so excited when I first found BackYard Chickens.....sounded like a great place to learn and "talk" with others who were interested in the same things.

    Being new to poultry there are many things I need help with, and have posted on this forum a couple times....usually after time spent researching the problem. Often there was something I'd want clarified or else I hadn't found info on the specific problem ~ and I just want to take care of my animals as best as I can.

    Unfortunately, I've realized that unless I spend a considerable amount of time posting on here, very few folks will take the time to answer my questions. Guess you all only care about the health of the birds that belong to your online "friends".

    Well, I'd rather be outside caring for our critters than in front of this computer so I guess that means that I'll never be one of those folks who has dozens of caring individuals chiming in with help and suggestions.....

    So I guess I won't be back. Thanks anyway!
  2. Perhaps people sense that attitude we see in the above post and stay away? A keen example of entitlement issues in America today; it's every ones fault that you are having difficulties. Thats like me saying I want to be a race car driver and getting on Carol Shelby's website to berate them because I can't drive. This is a great site with friendly and helpful people. Perhaps if you did not feel as if it was our "duty" to raise your chickens for you and were would have gotten the help you so desire. The good news though is that they do have medication to help you.
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    Nov 27, 2008
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    You have to understand that most people work during weekdays and they may not be here to answer your questions. Also there are others who simply dont know the answers that you ask. I hardly know anyone in this forum except for a handful of people that I've actually met in person, a handful of others by only PM's that I've never met. I see no favortism here whatsover.
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    Apr 10, 2012
    Ontario, Canada
    Wait a minute! You've started 9 threads. 3 to do with your injured Dove. Not one has been unanswered. In fact, you have thanked the posters for their advice!

    Yes, this is a very busy forum. Lots of threads. And, it moves quickly. If you need a slower forum with more specific answers, I suggest you search around your area for a mentor. I have, myself, found another forum, for the Ontario, CA people that moves slower than this one and has fewer members. I found a few mentors through that and if I have specific questions, I can ask there.

    You get out of a forum what you put into it. I'm not berating you as you seem to have done with these members, but, I am letting you know that perhaps, you need a different style of forum.
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    Mar 14, 2011
    believer01 has started MANY threads dating back as far as 2010 that I could find! Exactly WHAT is the problem? What have you posted that has not been responded to? No one here shows favorites. Everyone pitches in to help when they can. Insulting any of us much less ALL of us is really not very nice. I don't know about you, but I worked today.

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