Thanks for all the help


11 Years
Mar 22, 2008
londonderry nh
I just wanted to say hello ! And thanks for all the advice. I 've had a flock of 6 great sexlinks since OCT. I love my girls. Chicken farming has been everything i hoped and more. I got my girls as pullets after doing much research and checking out this site everyday before and since. You have all taught me so much without even realizing it. I cant thank you enough. Today i finally became a member and look forward to conversing with all of you. I am proud to say out of my six Hens we have been getting 6 eggs everyday since they started laying. You have all taught me how to be a good chicken momma. I can much relate with those of you who are still waiting on your first egg. I anxiously checked my coop everyday to find nothing and then read the posts to hear of people with their stories of their fist find and thoes who are lucky enough to find a double yoker. For those of you that are still waiting dont worry your day will soon come too. Mine did and it's everything you hope it would be. What a great family experience., My only problem now is that i want more and think iam going to have to expand the hen house.

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