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Ronnie Osterbnd

In the Brooder
Jun 5, 2020
Raised meat chickens a few years ago. Just put them in with the Reds and they all made it. That was 50 Cornish X chicks. They were pretty easy. With things getting weird again, I thought I would get back into it. Just finished my 1st chicken tractor and am building a new layer house/coop. Planning to do 12 layers and 25-30 meat chickens the first go round. Had some trouble getting chicks but have found some. I know its a little late for the meat birds. They are selling out fast. Seems a lot of people are raising them. Looking forward to seeing the post from the chicken people here. Hope it makes it a little more interesting and fun. Now that I am retired, it will give me something else to spend time on outside.

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