Thanks for the advice


May 5, 2020
Grafton, MA
I’m brand new to chicken 🐓 rearing. I live in MA. I recently got 12 baby chicks, now approx 6ish weeks old. This is my first post, but I’ve been reading so many of your posts and I want to thank you all for your helpful advice, articles and for asking questions of one another that I didn’t even know I had! I bought my flock on a whim and in hind-site I was completely unprepared. My wonderful husband has more than rallied and on day 1 he made me a baby brooder, and we’ve just finished a 6x6 elevated coop with a 16x6 attached covered run. I felt confident with the build in large part from information I gathered from this forum. I’ll post pictures of the build soon in the coop thread. Earlier this week I moved my chickens into their new and final coop! I needed to get them out of my garage as I was caught off guard at just how much dust these ladies created!

Another huge thanks for having all the answers... after moving the ladies into their new digs earlier this week I was having difficulty getting them to go back in at night. I was chasing my chickens all over the run and of course they ran to the area of the run that’s under the coop, so I’m hunched over crawling in chicken shit and practically traumatizing my chickens to get them out into the main part of the run. It took 3 of us each night to get them in.....what a chore! Tonight, after doing some research here, I put a light in the coop about an hour before sunset. I went out as the sun was going down and low and behold ALL of them were inside the coop!!! I am so excited that this worked, And so quickly, what a game changer.

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