Thanks to all!


11 Years
Jan 20, 2009
Conway, South Carolina
Hey everyone, I just wanted to say thank you all for all the help and encouragement that you have given since I became a member of this site! It has all been appreciated! Also thanks for all of the good reading and the fun times that I have had while going through the various threads on here!
I will be leaving this site soon due to losing my farm because of a lawyer that I hired to help me get the mortgage modified to help make it easier to make the payments. He took my money and then dropped the ball and didn't do what he contracted to do for me. When we finally figured out what was happening, it was too late to save the farm and it was sold out from under us. We received our eviction papers on the first of this month and have to have everything moved out by the 21st of the month after having lived here for over 12 years! I have given away and or sold all of my chickens, given away one horse and am looking for someone to take my stallion and the two young horses that I still have on the farm. We have a rental house that we can move into when we are able to get our tenants out, but I figure that we will have to jump through legal hoops to get rid of them so we can move into our home. Meanwhile, we are looking to find something else to rent until then I will miss all of you!
Dick (rnoyster)
I can't begin to understand how awful you must feel. I am so sorry
You don't have to stop coming to visit us though. There are plenty of members here that don't have animals at the moment. We would love for you to stay. You could use the support of your friends now. Right? Just a thought. Whatever you decide, hang in there
Awww, sorry to hear all that. But, you don't have to stop coming her just because you don't own poultry anymore. I don't own any and I'm here all the time. You can help others with your knowledge and experience.

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