11 Years
Aug 29, 2008
North Texas
to all the BYC'ers and Admins. (Woo-hoo- my tag changed! I finally managed to hatch!) This has been the most fun I've had in years. DH asked me "when does a hobby become an obsession?" I told him he'd know better than me, since we (HE) get a bicycle related package every day. So now I gaze contentedly at my still unidentified feathered objects while he putters contentedly with his bazillion bikes (and builds the occasional chook tractor and coop - hooray for power tools and sweet hubby). Now if only I could make the Rhodie realize that the UFOs aren't really toys... DD thinks they are, and spoils them rotten. Anyway, thanks to all the other insane (it's good, really) feather-brained folk for making this a great place to spend time!

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