That darn egg-eating feathered........

Thanks goodness you caught the right culprit! Poor Red would have been unjustly punished for someone else's crime.

Naughty Quack!!!
Ever since the coop massacre he has lived with the chickens alone since he is the last surviving duck. (for the next day anyway!!) I haven't gotten 5 eggs in 3 weeks from the hens in that area and saw yolk on Red's breast. I thought she was eating the eggs and have tried to catch her but while I'm at work during the day it's impossible. I separated her from the other hens for a couple of days by putting her in with Quack in the small side of the pen. He uses that area because it has a water bucket he can get it. Sure enough no eggs. Earlier I saw Quack go in the coop and looked in and he was sitting there next to Red kind of watching her, I figured it's so hot he wanted the shade. Since Red was on the nest I kind of waited around so I catch her in the act. She came walking out with no yolk on her but Quack came out with his bill covered in yolk and straw. Now I have a problem.
I should qualify what I meant by surviving duck for day, I'm not killing him! LOL my duck eggs are due June 2, but two have pipped already so he will have other ducks when they get big enough to deal with his highness.

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