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Jan 12, 2011
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Wow so this kid slaps me, I ask him if he wants to "play soccer" with me and my friends. He denies. So today he deciedes to go and hit a little 7th grader across the jaw because he thinks he is g*y. So now me and my friends ask to "play soccer" again with him. He still denies. Life at home for him isnt bad he is spoiled at home idk if this is true but some people say when his mom was about to take his xbox he starts screaming and crying. In the past he has stabbed me with a pencil there is still a graphite mark in my arm and he spit on my face he was lucky i didnt take him down right there. But he went to far when he hit a 7th grader on the jaw.

Sorry guys just had to get that off of my chest
In my school there is is lots of kids like that .who think they are all that becuase of the brand name clothing and the fact that they try to get there hair to look like justen bieber lol
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I am sorry this kid is doing what he is doing. I am a parent of 2 kids. Please do not fight with him. Just because everyone thinks he is spoiled does not mean that his life is perfect. I would speak to a teacher, principal or your parents. If you react to what he is doing you will end up in trouble. The fact that you posted on here I think you want to know what to do. I do not know how old you are but you sound responsible. Please keep your cool. Ask an adult and let them deal with it. Keep up the great restraint you are showing. Do not bring yourself to a lower level. Violence is not the answer. Hang in there and it will work out. You are a bigger person by not reacting.
Yeah..heres the thing..
Hes a bully..bullies DONT usually fight... they are too cowardly. (Thats WHY they are bullies)
I wouldnt fight him... he'll just get you into trouble.. be the bigger/better person and walk away and report him for hitting you. (let HIM get in trouble..not you..)
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we had issues last year im sure the principles are sick and tired of him he just thinks he's cool because of the table he eats lunch at
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