That was fun!!


9 Years
Apr 7, 2010
I was cleaning out our coop the other day, and it has a lot of little corners and angles that you either have to attack with a whisk broom or blow on with all your might to get the dust and dirty bedding out. Which is a fairly big project. So yesterday, I was doing exactly that, and I had the inspiration to use this electric leaf-blower that we got for cheap at a yard sale to clean it out. I took it outside plugged it in, and, FOOM! All the dust and gunk flew right out the door! I cleaned the entire chicken coop in about 5 minutes by squirting the leaf-blower in different directions, and I got to dust places that haven't been dusted in years! Definitely worth buying that leaf-blower just for the pure satisfaction of five-minute coop-cleaning.
I hope you wore a dust mask!
I have thought about doing that myself, but envisioned something out of a bugs bunny cartoon.
Dust and dust and more dust, and when it finally settled the would be nothing around me but flattened coop and missing chickens.
I am glad it worked for you.

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