The adventures of chubnut! update, I think he is paralyzed


9 Years
Apr 2, 2010
So I posted in the emergencies section of the baby bird that I am raising. There were 3 blown out of the tree during the storm one was DOA, one had an open fracture and died the next day. But chubnut keeps on going and is doing wonderfully.
I decided to do this since he changed so much in less then 24 hours!!!
This is a pic from the first day

24 hours later, and already bigger!!!

and this is view of everytime I go near the box, "Ma I'm hungry!"
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Thanks my daughter named "him" because he is always eating.
I really hope he makes it, and we can find out exactly what he is!
Shannon's Chix :

Go Chubnut!!!

That is the best name ever by the way!
That is pretty cool that you are helping it. You must have patience like a stone if you are feeding the gaping mouth all the time. Kudos.
So I have been with my new mom over 48 hours!!! I'm doing well growing like a weed. Mom says I poop a lot, I think she like the dance that I do.

I'm trying out my new voice, and trying to chirp.

I like it if my mom rubs my ears.

the funny looking thing that mom carries around likes to make the same kissing noises my mom makes before she feeds me, pretty funny.

Mom says that she has some other birds hatching by Sunday, I wonder how they will like seeing me....

Mom took new pics do you think that I have grown?

Mom says in another day or 2 she will have to put me in a new cage as I'm moving more and more....

oh by the way anyone have any guesses as to what I am? some say I look like a starling, I don't know.



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Hi not wanting to hijack your thread but I found a baby today looks pretty similar to that one. It had fell between the walls of the barn with two other babies but they were both dead. What are you feeding him? I have never done this before and yours looks to be doing wonderfully on whatever it is.
I'm giving him game bird started and hard boiled yolk 2/3 game bird to 1/3 egg yolk, with water. nut runny not solid. I have given him a couple soft bugs, 2 spiders and part of a dragon fly today. Keep him warm, and stick with one sound to trigger. Mine is doing great, even opened his eyes today

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