The adventures of free ranging guineas


6 Years
Apr 24, 2013
Well I thought we had ours trained to stay in our yard. Then 4 birds that remained of a neighbour's flock joined ours. Up until the third week in August they wandered during the day and came home at nite to roost. They would come home a couple of times a day for treats. Then they stopped that and the neigbour called and said there was a pair sitting on eggs in another neighbours field. The eggs hatched 3 days ago and we raced down when we got a call about it. I got 9 with 2 looking rough, by the time I got them into an incubator there was 7, then the next two nites we lost one each nite. We moved them to a parrot cage and a heat lamp, we have 5 looking good so far. So for the last couple of days they came home and I tried to inticist them into their house, no way. I got a phone call this am, neighbor heard and found remains of one of my splash's and then hubby saw white feathers on the road as well, coyotes!! So that is 2 today. This afternoon hubby went down to check on electric fence and thought he heard something. He looked and there was 4 adults in there!!! I took down treats and that is it!!!! I locked them up. I started last summer in with 8 raised them to adults even with the fires! I let 8 out to free range this year and 4 of my neighbours joined them and I know there is at least 2-3 more out there. I will lock them up if I can. We have had lots of toys for them to play on, a old firut tree that we cemented into the pen for last winter. I can't bear to see anymore get picked off. Seems we have a huge coyote problem and we are in a subdivison with 5-20 acres lots, so can't shoot them. Another neighbour said there was coyotes laying on a noyle on her lot, watching her chickens which are penned up unless she is there trying to kill them. Hubby found hugh hole dug under out fence..... So tomorrow he is running a wire around the bottom of the fence and around Guinea house. No more free range.

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