The Bantam Kraienkoppe project

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After about two years of working with DTchickens on this project (will him being he very helpful eye!) I feel confident to openly speak about my project.

My original flock sire (RIP darling) only manage to give us a single surprise rooster, a RCxKK cross that by some miracle was close to being perfect *photos of him will come tomorrow* this year sadly has been bad on hatching so I had only 5 roosters hatched this year from my KKxMalay cross given to me from DT. At this point I am on a toss which to keep for next year breeding



I also have a red ply ooops from a Cinnamon Queen X my RCxKK rooster who is being rehomed


That is his half sister hatchmate beside him haha.

At this point I am looking at acquiring a small flock of silver KK to work on type, due to how hard it is to get decent red type KK. I am hoping in a couple of years to have birds possible up for sale.

Now here the fun question, would anyone be interested in possible working on this project also?

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