The beer bird

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    You will need...

    1. A bird, normal shop bought size, rib cage intact.
    2. A can of your favourite beer or soda.
    3. A 2 inch long round tube of steel pipe that the beverage can will comfortably slide into.
    4. A 6 inch by 6 inch piece of expanded mesh.
    6, A welding machine, rods and gear.
    7. A big kettle braai (BBQ) or oven.
    8. A ravenous appetite.
    9. If using beer, a few spares. You will soon see why.

    First position the pipe in the middle of the mesh and tack weld it in place. I use stainless steel as it lasts longer. Now weld the tube firmly in place.

    Now get your bird ready. You can rub some olive oil on the skin so it goes crispy if you like. I dont bother as the wife and i dont eat skin. Feels vulgar in the mouth.

    Light your fire, or preheat your oven on bake. If using an oven, make sure you have a drip tray ready.

    Drink half the beverage. Do your best to ensure its only half. I often end up downing the whole beer and have to go to the fridge for another to try again.

    Place the half beverage in your steel device. Slide bum end of bird over the can and down to the steel. Now you will understand why you need a big kettle braai or oven.

    When fire or oven is ready, insert bird and close. Can must stay up right.

    Cook until golden brown. Most people use a meat thermometer to check if its done. I am a pro braai master so i know when its done. [​IMG]

    The beverage will evaporate and soak into the meat. Gives a devine flavour. Even cocacola works well. I have also used lemon soda and ginger soda. But a good lager is always a winner.

    Alcohol will cook away, so its safe for kids and preggie or breast feeding women.


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