THE Brinsea Octagon 20 Eco Thread; Hatches, etc. (PICS)

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  1. yinepu

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    it's an old hatching trick that was taught to me by my grandparents.....

    think of it this way

    hot air holds less oxygen that cool air
    humid air holds less oxygen than dry air
    hatching eggs need more oxygen and so do the chicks
    so hot humid air has less oxygen available for the chicks to breathe... that's why a lot of chicks who have been incubated at the perfect humidity will die just before hatch.. because there isn't enough oxygen and they die of carbon dioxide poisoning

    by dropping the temperature by 1 degree when you raise the humidity it lessens one of those factors

    naturally all vents should always be open.. but especially during hatch when fresh air exchange is more critical

    also if you incubate at 99.5
    hatch at 98.5

    I only drop the temp and raise humidity when the first chicks have internally pipped

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  2. yinepu

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    i do not advocate dropping the temperature in a Brinsea

    or playing with the temperature in a Brinsea

    or even looking at the temperature knob on a Brinsea

    personally I have done it... and it can be a royal PAIN to get the temp regulated back up for the next batch of eggs in a Brinsea (been there.. done it.. didn't even get the lousy T shirt)

    so if anyone touches, adjusts, looks at.. takes pictures of.. or in any way acknowledged the temperature knob in a Brinsea and has problems because of it... don't look at me...
    the temp knob on some Brinseas is evil and possessed by various spiny imps who would love to do nothing more than to aggravate the life out of you.. ruining the joy in your life and causing you much pain, regret and anxiety.. and eventually turning you to drink....

    you have been warned............
  3. Toxic Chicken

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    Dec 3, 2011
    Long Island

    I now incubate in my brinsea
    and hatch in a styrofoam bator.
  4. Contrastphoto

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    May 3, 2011
    Sevier County, Tn
    What styrofoam bator do you use? I got a cheap one to try last time and it didn't work so well.
  5. yinepu

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    the styro bators work great IF you have them in a very stable environment

    I can only use my modified LG during the winter (for emu eggs)
    during the summer it gets too hot here and the bator overheats.. (we don't use the AC)
  6. Toxic Chicken

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    Dec 3, 2011
    Long Island
    I have a farm inovators bator.
    I keep it in the house so temp is very stable.
    It never gets hot enough where I am to worry
    about over heating. It's a cheep piece of junk
    but it works. The thermometer / hydrometer
    it came with are WAY off I use a digital remote
    one and things are good. Although I cooked the
    first eggs I put in it because I was trusting their
    I bought it just for hatching because I have a bunch
    of staggered hatch dates.
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    [​IMG] BUT.... sooooo TRUE!!! And don't trust the little glass therm it comes with either. I cooked eggs for a few months in there. Then I bought a digital off of Amazon and stuck it in there, had to adjust it to the new therm... AND... cooked them even hotter!! I had no idea! That therm was off by 3 degrees! I didn't realize this for another 2 months... then I gave up and bought 4 therms all together (different brands and types) and stuck them ALL in there at the same time, took the two that were the same and went with it and adjusted to THAT. It finally worked and I have been happily hatching ever since. NO WAY would I ever, ever touch that darned temperature knob again! LOL (I was at the point that I was using our home digital temporal scanner on the eggs themselves and using my peronsal BBT in there to gage accuracy against the 4 new therms I bought-- it was a new low for me) [​IMG]
  8. zekii

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    Nov 1, 2010
    New Hampsha
    Not easy to do with a Brinsea Oct20eco, but it is reccomended in some of the literature to drop the temp by 1 to 2 degrees while uping the
    humidity. Sometimes high temp + humidity could be deteremental to chicks/poults/ducklings.
    So I did drop my temp on the brinsea glass thermo to 98.5F but my spot check at the egg level reads close to 100F, so
    temps must vary inside the Brinsea.
    I am at day 26, when I checked no hatches yet this morning, lots of rolling eggs last nite. Will post pictures once I see some
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  9. Squawkbox

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    Dec 25, 2011
    Thanks guys. :)

    So, essentially I just bought this incubator as my homemade one was cooking them, and now you're telling me that these are innacurate and cook them too...fantastic. Sigh. [​IMG]

    I thought that Brinsea "factory calibrated" them? And quote the booklet " All Brinsea incubators are designed first and foremost to provide the best control of temperature possible"... [​IMG]
  10. babymakes6

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    Feb 24, 2009
    far west Ohio
    Mine works well........ [​IMG]

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