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May 28, 2017
Our large flock was 20, now 19. We wanted a large enough run for them to be in if we didn't let them out for some reason as well as a large hen house.

Our breeds are Buff Orpingtons, Americauna's and Wyandotte's.

Below are some pics of the coop i finished up just before Christmas and some specs. I based the design off of some concepts from Carolina Coops. I've had to since rethink some of the design because the winds have reaked havoc on some aspects (more below). We still need to paint it.. lol.

Total length - 18.5'
Total Width - 6'
Total Height - 8'
Hen house is 6x6 w/ 2 roosts and sits 2' above ground
1/2 inch hardware cloth all around
The WHITE wood was harvested from the OLD coop that was left by previous owners. Most of it is used on the internal supports.
I weight 240lb and can do chin ups and and sit inside of the hen house no problem.

I built double doors so the inners can stay open for ventilation (the girls love it). The downside is the wind have bent the hinges so they don't close as smooth anymore. I lined the hen house with that wipe off board from home depot. This has allowed us to clean it REAL easy and was cheap. We use a modified deep litter system so it's done once every 2 months.

As far as maintenance, i need to address some warping issues with the wood - mostly from the wind and heat. It's all pressure treated with exception of internals of hen house and the roof beams. The 19 girls spend 1/2 hour every night beating each other up for the best spots on the roosting bars, and there is a mini solar panel on top (not pictured) that gives them some low light at night.

It took me 2 weeks to build and cost roughly $2000 in materials.

Gorgeous! Your birds are so lucky to have such a beautiful home!

I also live in an area that gets high winds too and built mine with double doors for ventilation but I used really heavy duty hinges and put them on top. So far no bending.

no biggie. i need to do some maintenance on the coop, so ill grin and bear it.

im in the early stages of designing the 2nd coop. we're not going to replicate this design. I am seeking efficiencies in the work and the amounts of materials used. Goal is a unit for 20 more hens.
what's the next coop going to be like? what will you do differently?

we found that the run under the hen house is VERY hard to clean. We're going to build a walk in hen house with a door to the run in the rear. this will allow us to clean it out and have multiple levels of nesting boxes. The girls can go in and out as they please.

We're gunna also forgo the nesting hutches that hang off the sides. they were VERY time consuming to build and if we're walking in we dont need em.

it'll probably still be 18' long with run.

our girls are only in the structure now @ night or when it's raining. very rarely do we lock em up in there now.

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