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    Jul 1, 2009
    Up for auction is a brand new version of The Chick Chart. It has been totally redone, with all the features even more AWESOMER than ever!

    Some notes:
    Download is $15.00, CD $20.00
    Anyone who buys this gets a certificate to redeem for a free copy of the next version.
    Paypal me! [email protected]


    The features of this special edition are:

    ^Fowl Records:
    }Track pedigrees
    }Track show records
    }Track acquisition info
    }Track selling/death info
    }Track medications
    ^Expense Records
    }Get your bottom line of poultry keeping!
    }Easy Add/Delete function
    }Sort by Date, Category, Description, or price
    ^Egg Production
    }Tracks how many eggs a day, color, date, and notes
    }Easy Add
    }Many different egg colors
    ^Manage Breeding Pens
    }Easy Addition of roosters and hens to your breeding pens
    }Keep track of goals and your progress
    }Keeps track of the exact animals in the pen
    }Keep track of all eating egg sales, and keep track of the customers who take the eggs!
    }Keep track of all hatching egg sales, allowing you to be able to always have an idea of what eggs should go places and when
    }Each time any order is completed, you are able to keep track of all the payment information
    ^Waiting List
    }Have people lined up for your goods? Quickly add/delete waiters in the list!
    ^Address Book
    }Keep track of all your chicken people!
    }Automatically spits out dates for hatching, turner removal, and date set using one button!
    }Keep track of each day's hatch; the survivors and the not-so-survivors.
    }Adaptable for all breeds!
    }Links directly in with brooding:
    }Each tab in the Brooding section has different methods of keeping track of your birds
    }Keep track of your birds up to 6 weeks of age, with all the information you'll ever need!
    }You are now able to keep track of the differences in litter/bulb color to see what you're doing right and wrong!
    ^Custom To Do Lists
    }Keep track of all them chores!

    This is just a basic list, there are many more features in the program. Here are some screenshots:

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