The Chick Chart Pedigree and Flock Management Software

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    Jul 1, 2009
    The Chick Chart is now for sale! It has been all the way through the Beta-stage, and is ready for the general public! This is now on sale for less than on the website and soon to be on eBay! Act now!

    Included is the Chick Chart, which supports:

    A comprehensive pedigree maker

    A comprehensive flock manager

    A budget software for keeping track of your income vs. expenses

    An egg production log, for keeping track of your eggs laid

    An incubation and brooding record keeping; no more clumsy spreadsheets!

    Unlimited upgrades as features improve

    And many more valuable features!

    Hope you enjoy!

    (Payment will be through PayPal, which protects both buyer and seller. You will receive an invoice in your email.)

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