The Chicken Story behind my SWL hens' names

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    Players: My great grandmother (affectionately called Fat Mama by her children), my great grandfather (Papa), and my grandmother (Annie Lee) when she was 3 years old.

    They lived in rural Mississippi. They had lots of chickens as well other farm animals including horses.

    My great grandfather's horse was stubborn as an old mule so from time to time he would get frustrated with him and call him an ole 's.o.b' (only he didn't use initials...hope I don't offend has a good ending [​IMG]) and admonish the horse to do as told. Fat Mama (his wife, of course) would chastise him about using such language around the children because they would pick it up. He claimed the kids weren't paying any attention to what he said.

    One day, Fat Mama went out on the front porch and saw Annie Lee with one of the hens. The hen was sitting on a stump and Annie Lee had a little switch that she was shaking at the hen while admonishing the hen with "You ole sumbich, you better lay me a egg." [​IMG] [​IMG] (written and spelled as it was actually stated) [​IMG]

    Fat Mama promptly brought Papa out on the porch to witness this event. He never used that language again. [​IMG]
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