The Chickens Have Left The Building!


10 Years
May 23, 2011
Hello, I'm Cynthia and I have just become a member here. I'm looking forward to finding information about caring for my small flock of 4 hens. We have two Black Stars and two "supposedly" are New Hampshire Reds, but I'm hope to confirm that soon. We have them as pets for fun, love, entertainment, learning, and eggs. Not for meat. I can't imagine eating an animal I've named and come to love.

They had been inside 24/7, but two weeks ago we started them outside during the day and indoors at night. We hope to get their coop built by next week, and they'll be outdoor pets!

I should have looked in advance to see if I could post pics inside of a forum post. Don't know how to do that yet.

Thanks in advance for all the help and fun!

cynthia <><

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