the chicks and i had a scare

cary 1973

7 Years
Apr 17, 2012
Henderson Nevada aka Las Vegas
so its windy in vegas today up to 40 mph gust well i was out side doing some stuff noticed the wind died down and my poor babies have been peeping away everytime they saw me wanting to run to the grass they love it so i though wow no big gust for a while and i do need to clean the coop so i let them out and off to the grass they went and i clean the coop still no big gust so i deced to let them stay out a little longer well my poor babys where all in one spot and a massive gust came along and litteraly picked them up and moved them a good foot from where they where standing i was there johnny on the spot and they where panic peeping and all 4 of them let me gather them up took them strigh to the coop gave them there yogart and strawberrys early today to calm them down and now i am still shooken up never again will i take that chance if it say s windy and gusty till 11pm these chicks are not leaving there coop and feneced in run( there run is blocked on 3 sides so wind dont really bother the coop or run)
I am glad none of the chicks were injured. What treats do you give your chicks? Is yogurt ok to give to chicks?
*cary,,,I am glad that you and your chicks made it ok through your windy weather today!

*Betty...Yes, chickens can have yogurt. Plain is best...(no sugar). I give my chicks plain yogurt with different 'topping' a few times a week. The toppings include--- mealworms or cut up tomatoes, or cut up strawberries....and I always include non-cooked oatmeal over the top! My chickies luv it!
Wow, I LOVE plain yogurt with oatmeal and strawberries (blueberries and cranberries, too - eat it every morning), so my chickens are like me. haha I found an earthworm and gave it to my silkie and she/he was scared of it, the little 4 week old bandy roo came up and and flew away in a panic, then my little brave chick came over and grabbed it and ran away, haha
Wow, those are some strong winds! So glad the girls didn't get hurt.
You are a good momma hen to them, I'm sure they loooved the treats. Its also good to know they were so easy to gather up and get to safety.

My girls are just a few days old, one little gal will come up to the side of the brooder when she hears my voice. Its so adorable and I cant wait to have her trailing around behind me in the backyard while I'm gardening.

Have a great day,
I give my girls yogart everynight before bed its a tradtion now seince they were a few days old and little bit was trying to die on me I swear that one of the things that saved her she had the pasty but and hardly any energy at all and for 3 night i had her sound asleep on my chest under my shirt tucked away nice and warm.

My birds are scardy cats they will only go in the section of yard i am in its bad enough that if i run inside to grab somthing i can only be gone less then a min (will not leave them unattended longer then that) when i come back out there on in there coop waiting for me. its so sweet but i know with time this too will change. but there so well behaved i tell them time to go back in and i just kind of bend over and put my arms out and they will all walk and jump into the coop and there run. When teh sun goes down they go into there coop up on tehre poorch shelf and cuddle up go to sleep i have gotten where i dont even shut the door to there enclosed run anymore. These girls have been a breeze so now I am scared to get any more in the future cuz i will prob have every issue you can have with chicks

in the desert we do get some narly winds but the other day they were like 50+ and wipping around the building and these girls are only 2 months oldish and it hit them just right scared the poo out of all of us.
I do have to say if you feed them yogart and you have kids or teens around you may want to let them know its for the chicks my daughter one night (it was the first night my girls went out side all night long) i made them a speacial yogart i layered it yougard live meal worms fruit and then i had to go potty before i took it out there well my 14 year old daughter though i made it for me and decided she was going to eat it
I heard blood curddling scream when she noticed she ate meal worms. needless to say she dont touch my yogart any more
haha, yes it IS windy in Vegas and apparently a chicken heaven. I will have to tell my sister, she lives there too. Her neighbors have chickens. My leghorns and golden buffs don't want to go in at night and it is necessary that they be inside at night because of foxes. I have a good fence, but a fox can find his way in eventually. The other chicks go in at dusk, but the leghorn/buffs wait until dark to go in.
haha, your poor daughter, meal worm yogurt. I will have to try giving my chicks some yogurt. I caught some earthworms today and gave them to the chicks. They are so funny, the silkie was scared to touch them, but the little Americaunas gobbled them up. It was the same thing with the buffs and leghorns, the buffs didn't know what to make of the squirmy worms but the leghorns did. I have such fun watching them

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