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May 4, 2015
Hi everyone! I have been creeping this site for months learning and enjoying all your chicken stories and posts. I took the plunge and decided to become a chicken Mom. Have the brooder set up, my emergency kit is stocked. I am ready! The chickens departed this afternoon,express ship, with the ETA of Wednesday. I am so excited! It's like the night before Christmas feeling! Can't wait to learn some more from you all. There seems to be some chicken Eggsperts :) on here. LOL Just thought I would say Hi!
Mine are on the way as well (though being so impatient I got 2 from our local animal health/feed store last week)!!!!!! Shipping from MPC, going from Ohio to PA. Last updated last night at 9:00 leaving Cleveland. REALLY hoping they come today, though I've not heard anything yet.

I thought they'd come today, and just like you said, it's just like a kid at Christmas time. I woke up all night long last night, in and out of dreams that they came. I'm such a dork!

What all did you order?
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Your situation sounds a lot like mine. They were checked in in Columbus OH at 9pm last night, and no new updates as to where they are today?!? I just keep thinking I just want them here safe and sound already. Says they should arrive by tomorrow by 3 pm. I hope it is earlier than that. As for what I ordered I did the rainbow pullet pack from Meyers Hatchery and added a couple Easter Eggers for a total of 15 chicks. So it will be a surprise as to what I end up with. Exciting!

How about you? What do you have coming?
I got mine at 11:00am today! I was so excited! I got an australorp, buff Orpington, Rhode Island Red, golden laced Wyandotte and a double laced barnevelder. And they all made it! And every update was about 4 hours late. I was notified at 3:30 that they were delivered at 11:00. Sheesh. I hope yours arrive safely!
YAY for the arrival of your chicks! I hope mine come in early tomorrow with good results. You got a nice mix of chicks! I am excited to play the guessing game. :)
THEY ARRIVED!!! Post Office called about 6 am this morning telling me they were here. I asked if I could come pick them up and they tried to tell me they did not open until 8:30, but I asked to speak to a friend I know that works there and she said come on down and I will let you in. I wasn't waiting ANY LONGER!
They seem to be doing great! I was worried that they would have trouble with the chicken nipple waters, but they all took to it like CHAMPS within minutes. Feels so good to finally have them here safe and sound.
I got my shipment of new chicks on Wednesday from Meyer. We live in WV.

I have another batch of two week old chicks that need to go outside soon.

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