The chicks hatched in the incubator - what do I do?

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  1. stokiechicks

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    Sep 8, 2011
    My first chicks just hatched ! It's lying exhausted in the incubator. Do I take it out now & put it under a brooder lamp or leave it in the incubator for a while longer? Should I be turning incubator temp down?

    They're Serama chicks, how high should the 100watt brooder lamp be from them?

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    May 11, 2011
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    Leave it alone.

    I'm coming back and adding to this, just didn't want you to mess with it while waiting.

    Let her dry off in the hatcher - her drying out will help keep your humidity up in the hatcher. Your other eggs have pipped or will be soon, and you can't go letting your humidity out and shrink wrapping those babies. Leave the hatcher closed and let them be. It's harder to do than it is to say - but do it. If you can. Unless someone desperately needs help in there, and you're in a position to be actively replacing lost humidity, like in a steamy bathroom.

    Your new chicks can survive up to three (some say two) days after the hatch on the last of the yolk they absorbed in the egg. So, she'll be fine. Leave the incubator temp alone - the other eggs need it. They can all come down to 95* for the first week, once out of the hatcher and into the brooder.

    Now, go get us some pictures. Are you still reading? Go! Pictures! Go!
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    Admire it through the incubator window but leave it be. It can survive in there for at least two days if need be. I usually wait at least 24 hours before removing. Gives them time to dry off and fluff up. Congrats!
  4. MandyH

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    Leave it alone but cut the turner off so it doesn't get in it (been there ,done that). The temp of your brooder should be around 95 degrees so adjust your lamp to make it that temp. Don't be changing the temp or anything at this point. When were they due to hatch?
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    May 4, 2010
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    Don't take it out! You don't want to open the incubator until everyone who is going to hatch has done so. If you open it now you will let out all your humidity and could shrink wrap any of the other chicks who are starting to hatch. The yolk sack will sustain the chick for up to 48 hours so it is not hungry and it needs to rest and fluff up in there too. They will walk around and peep but they are just looking for friends. They also peck at stuff instinctively but are not starving, just doing what chicks do naturally. I know it is hard but the little chick is ok, mom wouldn't leave the nest until everyone was hatched either.

    Congrats on hatching serama, I haven't had any luck hatching any yet but they are super fun little birds, I just love mine!
  6. ChicksinFL

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    Aug 11, 2011
    I'm in the same boat.. have one that just hatched and we all want to get it out BUT KNOW WE CAN NOT without risking the other chicks!

    Take lots of pics thru the window share them here!
  7. stokiechicks

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    Sep 8, 2011
    Thank you thank you thank you

    You should see my girlfriend glued to the incubator shouting them along. Watching her is just as exciting [​IMG]

    Ok, so I've had to open the incubator a couple of times already. Mainly because I have no hygrometer and the air in the incubator looked very dry. When we opened it (The first time in 21 days!) the chick that's just hatched had a super dry membrane so I used a warm air mister to mist the entire incubator and also added lots of wet paper towels. Did this twice until there was visible moisture condensing on the plastic cover.

    Soon after, the membrane softened and a buff (blonde) Pekin bantam chick popped out, look puzzled and fell over.

    I'm not opening the incubator again. It's a Brinsea 40DX, the auto turn cradle has been switched off. I've opened the ventilation up 50%.

    So, let me get this right: the brooder crate needs to have similar temps as the incubator ie 37.5 Celsius ?
  8. stokiechicks

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    Sep 8, 2011
    There's 19 more eggs to hatch. From about 15 there's no sound, or movement. The egg shells are intact. There's five eggs currently pipped and look like they may hatch.
  9. stokiechicks

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    Sep 8, 2011
    Pictures of the first Pekin Bantam chick:


    Pictures of the other half glued to the incubator


    Remaining eggs to hatch
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    Feb 24, 2011
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    X2 [​IMG] I Agree [​IMG]

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