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    Mar 2, 2009
    Socorro, NM
    I have made 4 Chickwagons and would love for someone to buy one and let me know if they have as good luck with it as I have had. My portable chicken tractor is virtually predator proof and durable. You will be handing it down to your grandchildren as it is made of 3/8" rebar and chicken wire and 24 mil polywoven. As far as prices go, it is a bargain at $499. I just talked to FedEx Freight yesterday and they said they can ship it for around $80 to California. I will be happy to send anyone more information if you like. Contact me here or at [email protected]. I don't have a website yet but will be working on one. Keep clucking, Frances
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    Quote:Frances--I would love to see photos and get more information--like features & measurements---how large is this? How many chickens can it hold? Thanks!

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