The color genetics for a game & non-game breeds?


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Jul 29, 2013
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I have a birchen mix old english standard game rooster & i have 3 RIR hens i have some eggs in incubator supposed to hatch in couple days so i was curious has to what the babys color be? Like if anyone has any ideas if not i will have to wait lol
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I'll give it a go! Red is a gene that is recessive but modified by other genes... if I'm remembering correctly from Genetics of the Fowl. The birchen probably is a black gene with a modifier (just a guess as GOTF does not analyze birchen pattern). The black will probably dominate with some red in the breast and hackles in females. This is what a black sex-link looks like but yours shouldn't sex link because I don't think there is a barring gene in birchen. LOL I would be happy to see an update on this as it is really only a partly educated guess. Please don't take me very seriously!
Ok thanks, i havnt been on here in awhile but here's a pic of the 2 i have left the black one is hard to get a pic of shes always hiding behind her sibling, I'm not sure if the other one is a roo or not their almost 5 months & neither have started growing yet, but i know with large fowl they can take longer than the bantam roos, here's a pic i try get better one soon!!
It's cool to see them! It doesn't Look like my guess was very accurate except that one is black and one is brown lol! One of the parents was not homozygous for color or they would have all been the same color except for the sexual dimorphism.
Well the dad is a birchen game roo, but the mom could either been 3 of the hens tht are with him i just found out 1 of the 3 is a RSL so the mom could be her i just took bout 6 of their eggs & hatch them so the mom could be either of the 3 hens!! Thanks for answering my question!!

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