The continuing saga of my ducks!

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Jun 26, 2018
Hi all! I'll be updating my story a lot.
Here's the story!
The story is about my duck, Donald, and her wonderful life!

My story happened all at the hatchery. Big things happened at the hatchery, too. I was an odd-looking female. I was short, with a pale bill. My feet were pale, too. When I came out of my egg, laid by my mother, the first thing I saw I thought was my mother. To be honest, I thought she was a mutant duck. No, I was wrong. She talked funny, it sounded like “ee-oo-io” instead of “quack”. I was curious. When I said “Big things happened at the hatchery”, I meant I met my husband at the hatchery. Wow, he was a handsome-looking fellow. He was tall, strong, his voice was wonderful, and, best of all, he loved me. When you meet a husband, and you’re kind of the odd one out; you know he loves you. Most male ducks love females for their beauty, which means they won't be partners for long. He saw beauty in me. Even though I wasn’t as beautiful on the outside, he thought I was kind-hearted. Which, most ducks say to me, is true. I loved him, and he loved me. That never changed our entire life. I loved him for his beauty inside of him, too. However, we did go through some dark times– that I won’t mention. We were just an hour old, actually. We were born at the same time. An hour later I was born, I started adventuring, and that’s how I met Quakers’, my husband.
Whatever I was in was packed full of ducks, just like me, except prettier– both male, and female. After me and Quakers’ met, the thing we were in started moving. It was crazy— ducks were moving around everywhere. Quakers’ and me stayed together. Every duck in the, I’ll just call it a “box”, I guess, were flying around. I always wondered what happened to my best friend, Waddles. She stayed with Quakers’ and me— Until we lost her. She was never to be seen again. I wondered if she fell out of the box, or what. I don’t exactly know if she was alive then. I don’t know if she’s alive now. It’s hard to wonder that. After the box stopped moving, we were dumped out. Into another smaller box; but this time, only seven of us ducks were in that small box. It was noisy. There were people everywhere. I looked around for Quakers’, and he looked for me. His beautiful singing attracted many females. He was singing for me, to guide me to him. His beautiful singing did guide me, and then he snapped at the other females to “get away from me!”. Boy, he acted like he was a grown up! I could tell he already loved me, and he was trying to show that he wanted for me to be his partner for life. I felt relived, for some reason. I guess I felt relived because somebody that I already knew loved me. I fell asleep soon after that, and the next thing I knew I was already three weeks old.
Sadly I was smart enough to know that the people put up us for sale. I knew right then that I was going to be separated from Quakers’, forever. Finally, my nightmare came alive. A person came into the box. There were three people looking over us. I knew I was going to get bought. I cheeped for Quakers’, to alert him that I was going away— forever. He sang for me, his beautiful song saying “Oh, my lovely girl is my love.. Oh, she is the prettiest one.. And I will never let anybody snatch her!”. He did realize that he was lying. Somebody was snatching me. He had a plan, he told me when I was getting picked up. He scooted towards me, looking as cute as possible. The moment he did that I knew what the person was going to do. The person picked him up. He sang for me, again. We, once again, got put into an even smaller box. It was tiny! There were a few chickens in it, too. And, a few means fifteen. The box started moving, again, like all the other boxes. Finally it stopped. We got put into another box! When were the boxes going to end! Here’s a hint, it never has stopped. This box, apparently, was called a “brooder”. I learned that really quickly. All the chickens annoyed me badly. I was much bigger then them when I was a baby, and I still am. So, since I was bigger then them, I bossed them around. I cheeped really loud to “OBEY MY RULES!”. They did.
Finally, at about four weeks old, Quakers’ and me had our first bath! The people, which, I learned to call them “Joe”, “Ayla”,
“Mom”, and “Dad”, filled up a box with water. It was so fun! I splashed, and Quakers’ splashed. Sadly time went by. It was time to go back into the ‘meanies’ box. I had an idea. The box was covered, so they couldn’t reach a lot of the box. So, I went to where they couldn’t reach me. Apparently, they came inside the box. That ruined that idea. They grabbed me, and they already had Quakers’ in their hand, because he was a good boy.

Quakers’ and I spent a lot of time together. We already loved each other. It was time to move into another box. That’s right, another box. This one was huge! There were tons of space to move around. Quakers’ had a bad relationship with Roo, the rooster of the meanies’ family. I bossed the meanies’ around. I yelled (quacked) at them to “MOVE IT OR LOSE IT” when it was dinner time. That’s the only way I could get my food. Quakers’ didn’t like the idea that I had to yell at the meanies’ to get them to move, that way I could eat. He didn’t like it at all. So, he started to bite them to move. And about that time Quakers’ started to do that, Roo started to notice him “bossing” the meanies’. And that’s when Quakers’ started to develop a bad relationship with Roo. Roo (secretly) loved me— and he did n’t like

the idea that I already had a “big man”. He wanted to be
my “big man”. Quakers’ easily ruined that dream. It was so nasty, I won’t even talk about it. Well, I guess I can. Quakers’ attacked the big meanies. Not Roo, but his females. I can’t believe that he wanted me, instead of his 14 hens! Some people or rooster’s don’t know what they have unless you shove it right in their faces. Just don’t get too close to Roo’s face otherwise he’ll attack you. Well, that’s that story. That time, at 5 weeks old, was the awkward stage. I developed my quack. I believe Ayla is my mother, and Joe is my father. What else could I believe? That Quakers' was my mother and my father? No, that's not correct.
That's all I got (for now)!
Enjoy it?

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