The Coopschooling Co-op Network Chatroom! (BBSJ Spinoff)

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  1. This thread is a spinoff of the Bisquick, Buttermilk, Snap, and Junior's chat thread. Please join that thread (link is chicken chat thread) to join this thread. (See Below on how to join)

    Coopschool list and member page here:

    Background info:
    Bisquick, Buttermilk, Snap, and Junior's chat thread is a thread where you chat through the eyes of your chickens, like this:
    Hen 1: Hi!
    Rooster 2: Hey!!

    Besides chatting about real events such as snacks and treats, real weather, fights, ect, the chickens also chat about imaginary chicken schools, and other imaginary things such as grocery shopping. Many of our members on BBSJ have decided that their hens are homeschooled, or "coopschooled." Coopschooled chickens usually attend a "coopschooling co-op" Where they communicate with teachers, get assigned homework, ect. This year, several of the co-ops have banded together to make a network, the Coopschooling Network. These co-ops now have a chat room on their site where they can talk to classmates and teachers, and students and teachers from other co-ops in the network. This thread is that chat room.

    How to join
    1. Join Bisquick, Buttermilk, Snap, and Junior's chat thread.
    2. Make a post on BBSJ about your chickens and what coopschool they are on.(choose an existing one from the Members' list, or make up your own)
    (Don't worry about the first two steps if you are already on BBSJ)
    3. create any additional chickens. On BBSJ, only real chickens are used, on here you can create imaginary chickens to be your chickens' classmates and teachers.
    4. PM me or chickencrazy249 with chickens, their co-op, and thier chatroom usernames (typically should be Firstname.lastname, firstname_lastname, firstname.lastinitail or whatever form your co-op uses.) (If your chickens do not have last names, middle names or just initials you chose are OK). Please no random usernames, we want to know who your chickens are, since this is connected To BBSJ.
    5. post away!

    How to post
    Since you can connnect to different co-ops here, you can either put at the top of your post connecting to _________________ co-op or connecting to all co-ops
    2. first your chicken's username,then thier post. A lot like BBSJ.

    1. please join BBSJ first,and it is recommended that you keep up with both threads.
    2. All BYC rules apply
    3 Have fun!!
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  2. Connecting to all co-ops

    Elanor_Henley: Hi!
    Marianne_Henley: this is cool!!
    Willow_henley: Auugh! Willow instead of Whilloghby DRIVES ME NUTSO!!!
    Selena_henley: yeah, it would be hard to get used to.
    Sophia_henley: I need help with my homework. You know that's what this chatroom is for, right? Talking about School Stuff???
    Selena_Henley: yeah, but I don't think any staff moniters it, so we can talk about anything!!
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  3. Connecting to all co-ops
    Buttermilk_Stoltzfus: Could we join?!
    Bisquick_Stoltzfus: We told the chicks to stay to the subject of school, cause they chat, chat, chat.
    Snap_Stoltzfus: But, since they always get off topic, it will be a more disciplined...
  4. Selena_henley: It doesn't matter! Because there's no teacher on here yet!!
  5. ederob

    ederob Songster

    Jun 6, 2012
    Connecting to all co-ops
    Beth_Jackson: Can I join?
    LittleLady_Jackson: Me to!
    Elizabeth_Jackson: Me three!
    Fergy_Jackson: Me four!
    Snowman_Jackson: Me five!
    Fluffy_Jackson: Me six!
    Me: I might add more later!
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  6. connecting to all co-ops
    henrietta_p_cluckington: Luuuucy...arrre yooou onnn...?
    penelope_h_cluckington: no need to write like that...
    henrietta_p_cluckington: go away, Penny
    lucy_g_spurs: hey henny! :)
    henrietta_p_cluckington: Lucy, did you start the chicken math hw yet? I'm stuck
    lucy_g_spurs: nope! :p I'm at my older sister's flight meet right now.
    henrietta_p_cluckington: Lynn? Where does she go to school?
    lucy_g_spurs: Maple Ridge. It's a private school
    henrietta_p_cluckington: oh...well wish her luck! Gotta go!
    bella_l_cluckington: Just so everyone knows, this is Louise! River Run makes you use your real first name... :p
  7. Rena_polloa: Which co-op do you go to???
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  8. Rena_polloa: Lucy?? Who's Lucy????
    Amy_polloa: Elanor, are yu online??
    elanor_henley: yes, but I need to go soon.
    Rena_polloa: How come yu r alwayz getting offline as soon as we get on??
    Marianne_henley: IDK. It's only happened twice.
    Amy_polloa: I wasn't asking YOU!!
  9. ederob

    ederob Songster

    Jun 6, 2012
    connecting to all co-ops
    Little Lady_Jackson: Streamflow.
  10. Connecting to all co-ops

    elizabeth_queen: OMG! Evan the super hot Buckeye is on!! :O BTW-- im Lizzy...
    kinzy_queen: LOL!! OMG my real name is kinzy so i dont have to put my real first name...
    elizabeth_queen: OMG kinz!! that was totally rude!
    pippin_stoltzfus: ..... Uhhh......
    kinzy_queen: WHAT STOLTZFUS?!
    pippin_stoltzfus: Nothing, nothing, Kinzy...
    kinzy_queen: WHY ISN'T EVAN IN HERE?!
    hazel_stoltzfus: Cause he doesn't want to talk to you!
    elizabeth_queen: OMG!! YES HE TOTALLY DOES!!
    pippin_stoltzfus: I'm doing math right now, Sal, do you want to help me.
    kinzy_queen: NO!! OF COURSE SHE DOESN'T!!
    pippin_stoltzfus: COULD YOU GO AWAY?!
    kinzy_queen: ITS A FREE COUNTRY SO NO!!!
    pippin_stoltzfus: *sigh*

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