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  1. Welcome To The Crazy Chicken Club!


    Here, you can post pictures, Tell stories, And laugh about how crazy all of our chickens are!

    • No Mean, Hurtful or Rude comments
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    • Have FUN!

    My chicks will be here soon, but until then i will use this picture: [​IMG]

    I'm getting EE's in the spring [​IMG] !!! Also, you can post pictures of your chicken coops here too!
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  2. Their names will be molly and lucy
  3. FlyWheel

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    Mar 19, 2016
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    My Coop
    OK, I don't have any 'crazy' chickens (like the polish above), but my coop is rather weird, in a redneck sorta way. It was constructed from a retired, well, dog house.



    The left half with the doorway was the dog house.
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  4. theuglychick

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    May 3, 2016
    That's awesome! My first coop was a repurposed dog kennel that we converted into a coop by wrapping it in chicken wire and covering half of it in tin siding. Ours was not so awesome. We realized the error of our ways as summer came and our chicken coop turned into a chicken oven in the hot Louisiana sun. We had to move it to the woods to ensure it wouldn't get sun on it. This time around I forced my hubby into building a more accommodating coop. We now have cream legbars, Easter eggers, light brahmas, buff orps, andalusians (which are pretty crazy!), and cuckoo marans. Here's a pic of some of my bunch doing one of their favorite things. If you look close you can see poop on ones foot that I didn't notice until later. [​IMG] [​IMG] Live and learn.
  5. That is really creative! I like the "dawg hawse " painted on there
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  6. Sounds like an interesting coop! Nice chickens too, by the way. [​IMG]
  7. Thanks for joining you guys! I'm sorta new at this thread thing... Lol[​IMG]
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    May 27, 2015
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    Hi lovechicks, thx for inviting me to join your thread! We just went to a county fair in Girard, KS, here's some pics of chickens we saw there. Anyone, correct me if I get these wrong, the first is a golden laced polish crested, the last is a Buff silkie with her chicks. The middle pic I don't know, but I thought it was cute with the little banty next to the big rooster. Anyone know the breeds?
  9. No problem SueT! I LOVE the color of that buff silkie!!!
  10. 21hens-incharge

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    This could be a really fun thread. Thanks for inviting me as well.

    [​IMG]Aren't all chickens a bit crazy?

    No real loony toons here lol.

    The craziest thing going on here is the forever broody bantam cochin and her adopted Black Australorp chicks.


    They will be bigger then her within a month. THAT will be funny for sure. I will post pics as interesting or funny ones happen if that is ok.

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